Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum, Faulconbridge, NSW

We recently visited the Normal Lindsay Gallery and Museum in Faulconbridge, New South Wales.  It is quite easy to get there during the week (Monday to Friday) without a car by taking the train from Central Station in Sydney to Springwood (on the Blue Mountains Line), then catching the 960C bus at 10.50am from The Hippy Shop across the road from the railway station.  You can get back the same way by catching the 2.50pm bus back to Springwood from the gallery.

Norman Lindsay and his second wife, Rose, lived in the house, which is now the cornerstone of the gallery.  It is filled with Norman Lindsay's watercolours, model ships, oil paintings, vases and currently, a Magic Pudding Exhibition to mark the 100th anniversary of publication of Norman's children's book, The Magic Pudding.  The exhibition features sketches, movie and theatre posters, marionettes and versions of The Magic Pudding published in different languages.

You can also peek at the kitchen largely as it was when the Lindsays lived there, complete with an Aga:

The grounds of the house feature many statues and fountains made by Normal Lindsay, and as part of a tour included in the price of admission to the house, you can see Norman Lindsay's painting studio (largely just as he left it, including with paints and a typewriter), and the etching studio where Norman and Rose produced etchings.

Below are some photographs taken around the grounds of the house, with captions regarding their subject matter.

Nymph being pursued by a satyr (concrete)

Bronze copy of fountain - there are ramps for the resident ducks to climb in and out

 The painting studio

 Seat decorated with statues (concrete)

Norman Lindsay's last sculpture - a fountain cast in concrete from a plasticine mould with a shower head as the spout 

Nymph flanked by a satyr and a sphinx - Norman Lindsay's works feature many references to Greek mythology

Statue of woman

Female satyr

Bronze copy of sphinx (?) statue

Statue of woman drying her hair near the swimming pool

Bathing beauty statue on the side of the swimming pool

The swimming pool

Bushland surrounding the house and grounds

Bronze copy of a siren statue - you rub the knee for good luck

Norman Lindsay's first statue, modelled on his second wife, Rose

Model of Albert, The Magic Pudding on the verandah of the house

Vestibule leading from the house to the grounds

Normal Lindsay Gallery and Museum
14 Norman Lindsay Crescent
Faulconbridge NSW 2776


Sherry Mackay said…
it has been a very long time since we have visited this place. fascinating isn't it?

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