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Wetlands, Kakadu National Park, NT

As part of our visit to Kakadu National Park last year, our tour group did a Wetlands Cruise on the Yellow Water Billabong.  This was my favourite part of the entire trip - the scenery and wildlife were just breathtakingly beautiful, and it is what I imagined when I thought of Kakadu National Park.

The tour started with a road trip from Darwin.  At our first rest stop, we saw this albino buffalo:

It was feeding time, so this buffalo was very pre-occupied with his breakfast.
We also saw this massive crocodile, which some of our tour group thought was not real, but believe me, I think this dude was alive and just waiting for someone to come in and test their theory:

After a visit to the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre, we headed out to our wetlands cruise by Yellow Water Cruises on these boats:

It was a stunning day, with sunshine, blue skies, and dark blue water:

There was a diverse range of birdlife at the billabong.  First up was a magpie goose:

Next up, we saw an egret:

This sharp look…