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Buildings in Darwin

In  May, I went to Darwin for the first time to check out the Top End.  There are only two seasons in Darwin  the wet season and the dry season.  Both are hot (plus 30 degrees Celsius temperatures), but the wet season is not only wet with cyclones, but it is also oppressively humid.  That is why it is highly recommended that visitors to Darwin travel during the dry season.  May is the beginning of the dry season, so we started off on the right foot.

Below are photos of some of the interesting and often beautiful buildings that I spotted in my travels through Darwin.   These buildings traverse a wide range of architectural styles, reflecting different periods in Darwin's history. Many of  these buildings were damaged by the severe cyclones that Darwin has suffered over the years, and bombing during World War II by the Japanese, so have had to be restored to some degree.

First up is the Governor's residence, placed strategically down by the foreshore:

Note the gorgeous hedge of bou…

Wonderland - Alice in Wonderland Exhibition, Melbourne

"Wonderland explores how this precocious heroine inspired revolutionary filmmaking, from groundbreaking special effects and animation to evocative storytelling and technological development."  ACMI website

Hallway of Doors

 The publishing contract (for lawyers everywhere):

Pool of Tears

Looking Glass House

Advice From a Caterpillar

A Mad Tea Party