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Love, Desire and Riches - The Fashion of Weddings at Rippon Lea House

On a gorgeous sunny Saturday, Sandra and I went to see Love, Desire and Riches - The Fashion of Weddings at Rippon Lea House.   The exhibition features more than 50 wedding gowns and accessories from around the world.

Some of the gowns were old:

Some were newer, including Jennifer Hawkins wedding dress:

Some were worn by royalty, like this Valentino worn by a Greek princess:

There were also some stunning bridal accessories:

And costumes from movies based on novels featuring weddings:

There was a spooky room dedicated to Miss Havisham:

And a Jane Austen-esque empire line gown:

A couple of stunning Collette Dinnigan numbers were on display:

Myer Mural Hall, Melbourne

The elegant Myer Mural Hall, situated at the top of Myer in the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, features 8 original murals on its art deco walls.  The murals depict women from a bygone era, including a Seasons series of four murals.  The murals have National Trust classification.

If you want to see the Mural Hall and have not been invited to an event there, you can book high tea there at $70 per head from time to time, or it is often open during Melbourne Open House in July of each year.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the murals!

This mural, depicting fashion, is my favourite.

Myer Mural Hall 6/314-336 Bourke St Melbourne VIC 3000 Ph: (03) 9661 1546