Miss Fisher Costume Exhibition - Rippon Lea House

This weekend, I attended the Miss Fisher Costume Exhibition at historic Rippon Lea House.  For the uninitiated, "Miss Fisher" is Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) of the ABC's Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, based on Kerry Greenwood's novels about an adventurous female detective living in the Jazz Age of the 1920s.

The costumes from the series are, as you can imagine, gorgeous, and I was excited to learn that some of them were on display at Rippon Lea House, which doubles as a set for some of the TV series.

I took photos of most of the costumes, set out below, all but one of which were worn by Miss Fisher.  Let the photos speak for themselves and enjoy:



Johanna GGG said…
I love phyrne fisher and esse davis is great in the role - rippon lea is the perfect place for them - wish I could have seen the costumes but I see today is the last day
Kayte said…
Wow, all these 1920's costumes are just wonderful...I looked at them all then had to get off the site and go in search of the Miss Fisher books and reserve a couple at my library. Fun fun fun. Great photos.
Christina Paul said…
Just discovered her series on netflix and it's fabulous - the costumes are gorgeous! I just went to a downton abbey exhibit here in the US that had some from the same era :)
Kayte said…
Oh my goodness, guess what?? We got the Miss Fisher tv series here and I started watching it. After the first few minutes I thought about you and this post as I sort of remembered all about it and came here to check and see and YES, this is it! How fun to go back and read the post and see the costumes now that I am watching the series. :-)

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