Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition (Season 3)

Last Sunday, I went to the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition at Rippon Lea House and Gardens, where some of the series is filmed.  I just adore 1920s fashions, so it was a real treat to go and see these costumes.  The only down side was that I was supposed to go with my friend Sandra.  Unfortunately, Sandra could not come because her Mum has unfortunately suffered an accident and Sandra has gone back home to care for her.

For the uninitiated, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is an Australian Broadcasting Commission TV series based on Kerry Greenwood's novels about a progressive female detective called Phryne Fisher, set in 1920's Melbourne.  This sets the scene for some magnificent costuming, and this is the second exhibition of such costumes that has been held at Rippon Lea House.

I will now let the photos speak for themselves, interjecting only every now and then: 

This is the costume of one of the victims, hence her reclining position:

Aren't the tennis shoes fabulous:

I loved the Bakelite sunglasses that were worn by Phryne:

This is the scene from the series:

and this is the costume:

Apparently the sequins moved like scales in the water.

Visitors to the exhibition can design their own costumes for Miss Fisher, with paper dolls and felt tip pens made available on an upstairs table:

This year, because people had fingered the costumes last time, they provided swatches of fabric next to many of the costume nameplates so that people could feel the beaded, embroidered and plush fabrics without putting their grubby hands on the costumes:

This one was called the Muppet costume, for obvious reasons:

This is a real Russian crystal:

Phryne's pearl handled gun was on display:

as were some of her magnificent accessories:

So that the big people could play dress ups and be just like Phryne, there were some costumes that visitors could try on to have photos of themselves take.  As well as sequined tunics and very large coats with fake fur trim, there was Phryne's driving hat and goggles (bearing in mind that the drove in open-topped cars):

It was a fun couple of hours.  If you get a chance and you have an interest in 1920s fashion, I highly recommend a trip to the exhibition, which is on until 30 September 2015.
192 Hotham St
Elsternwick VIC 3185


Kayte said…
Oh I just love this exhibit, the clothes are just wonderfully gorgeous and fun. I wish we could get that series here in the US...we have several Australian series that show here on our Public Broadcasting Stations but this one has not appeared yet, I hope it does, it looks delightful. You do the most interesting and fun things! :-)

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